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..:: El Oeli's past ::..

El Oeli always tried to be independent. His advantage of playing so many instruments and his ability to record his own songs with that necessary fine sound let him create so many songs.

In the past he worked together with many people. Only a few to mention: From outer Space, P'zT, Project Firesquid, ZORP, Smell and his solo projects: Solar Plexus & Kill Drum.

..:: together now ::..

Martizzon and El Oeli are together REMEDY INC. They are both producing together as...

...The Spinalzo Bros.

...many many projects:

* Remedy Inc.
* Supreme Team
* Kill Drum
* Stereotypen
* Solar Plexus
* Dan T.

* Project Firesquid
* Rowland
* 3Nergy

..:: Remedy Inc. - Short bad quarter of an hour ::..

"Past and future connect..."
..:: Past ::..

..:: Martizzon's past ::..

Martizzon worked together with many people and realized many projects, even solo projects. Besides he is working with Stereotypen. And he is doing some productions with Supreme Team.

Besides all he worked together with Dan T. which sounds like progressive Rock mixed with Hip Hop.