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El Oeli's place to give brands names. As what he does is in spite very full of varities and shows a bandwith full of nice and tenderous sounds enriched with melancholic melodies.
"ZORP" was one of his biggest bands he pushed very far. But some special piece was released with "Project Firesquid", when Stephan from New Orleans was here.
Other Solo-Projects produced by EL Oeli: Kill Drum & Solar Plexus.
There are many other projects produced by El Oeli and Martizzon as The Spinalzo Bros.

El Oeli is known as: Oeli, Oelkins, El Oeli, El Fantastico, Olkenez:zon.

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"What if Christ wasn't crucified...?"
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Martizzon's label with all his brands he released on his own or by projects. As there are "Stereotypen" or "Three in Role" or whatever... He's a clever musician with many talents.

Martin and El Oeli are producing other projects as The Spinalzo Bros.

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Martin .:. 0177.657.28.97
El Oeli .:.