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Some of our productions seem to fit perfectly to Soundtracks or as Filmmusic. Especially the Solo-Projekt Kill Drum has a high potential.

Besides all we're planning a Video-Clip in the near future.

Now we're working on a soundtrack for a short film. This is a Cypries production. More info briefly...

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"Short Bad Quarter Of An Hour" MiniCD-EP is out!!!
Five Tracks with about 24 Min. playing time!
It's called "Short Bad Quarter Of An Hour". This is the content: Remedy Inc., Unexploited Territory, Stampede, Dark Night & Little World.

The Cover:

Remedy Inc.
"Short Bad Quarter of an hour"

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"My mother told me not ot stare in to the sun..."

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Remedy Inc. just want to release their own music. Music for everyone who likes it. They want to make their music reachable for anyone.

After Remedy Inc. released their first Mini-CD "Short Bad Quarter Of An Hour", the longplayer is nearly ready to go out to the labels and fanzines. With 13 Songs and about nearly 60 Mins. playing time.


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