The Spinalzo Bros...

"....the incredible production team is back in da house!" A magazine from Berlin wrote. "They deliver cleverly produced crossover-tracks. (...) They combine Metal, Hardcore, Rap, Industrial, Elektro, Funk, Soul and strings
to melt them into a grooving mass."

One of the Bros. speciality is their wide open minded variety of musical styles in producing their projects. Wheter the projects follow one style or the styles follow one project. Ice-Belle sounds like Elektropop with ambient chillout grooves and a sweet female voice. Remedy's home is Rock - from Funk to Numetal, Unplugged and Dark...

Here's all of the productions and projects of the Bros. collected for your pleasure. You can seek here for pics, mp3s, and videos. You're welcome to get in touch with us or order by pleasure what you like.

The Spinalzo Bros.
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